Monday, June 15, 2009

My Favorite Elvi

In my last post I mentioned Elvis. Which, of course, got me thinking about my five favorite Elvi.

Here they are, in descending order:

5) Elvis Presley - I like a couple of his songs (Suspicious Minds and Jailhouse Rock), but I'm not a giant fan. I did like my trip to the gift shop outside the gates of Graceland (and the mean streets beyond*).

4) Elvis Costello - I like a couple of his songs, too (Alison and Peace, Love, and Understanding). I never visited his home.

3) Elvis Grbac - I had him as my second-string quarterback in a fantasy football league once. Did pretty well. I like the way he spells his last name. 300px-Elvis_impersonators_record


2) Any Elvis impersonator - 'nuff said. 




1) Elvis Cole - Robert Crais's wiseguy PI protagonist. If you haven't read any of these books, start at the beginning with The Monkey's Raincoat.

Monkey's Raincoat


*When my family stopped in Memphis during our cross-country trip a few years ago, my older son and I dropped my wife and younger son at Graceland while we toured the Gibson Guitar factory. When we went to pick them up, we arrived early, so we parked on a nearby side street. About sixty yards away, in front of a house, we watched a guy get out of his car and puke. Then he got some clothes from the  back of the car and changed (right on the street). After he finished, he stumbled around to the other side of the car (I think he puked again). A few minutes later, another dude came out of the house, went over to the puker and gave him a package in exchange for a wad of bills (real subtle, if we could see it from sixty yards away). Then the dude casually walked across the street and disappeared into the neighborhood. The puker got into his car and drove off. (Of course, I shouldn't draw any conclusions--maybe the drugs were simply to cure his nausea.)



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Alan--sounds like an exciting trip to Memphis!

I'm going in July to do research on my series that's set there. Wonder if I'll see any puking?

Mystery Writing is Murder

Alan Orloff said...

If you're lucky, Elizabeth, if you're lucky!

(Don't eat too much BBQ, or you'll be the one doing the puking.)

Galen Kindley--Author said...

If there were a championship for the person who could name the most Elvi, you’d win Hands down. Never thought about there being so many, and you picked a couple of not so obvious ones. Good job.
Your observation about not jumping to conclusions was a could one…the guy could been meeting his pharmacist. Why not give him credit, after all, let’s….”Don’t Be Cruel.” Ouch.

Best Regards, Galen