Friday, October 23, 2009

Power Up

For me, writing goes in fits and spurts. Some days, the words seem to flow out of my fingertips, well fast. Other days, not so, uh, fast.

I know when the writing starts to really drag and sag, it's time for me to recharge my batteries. energizer-bunny-page

Here are some ways I re-energize: 

  • Read a book about writing.
  • Read a non-fiction book about something completely unrelated to writing.
  • Engage in on-line discussions about writing and publishing in general.
  • Goof around on Facebook.
  • Talk with another writer about his/her projects.
  • Read some different blogs.
  • Write a blog post or two.
  • Watch a movie about writers.
  • Exercise.
  • For a longer-term energy boost, I find writers' conferences to be especially beneficial.

What about you? What recharges your batteries?



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Good ideas for recharging!

Let's see. Exercising I definitely DON'T do. :) I like to watch bios of writers on the Bio Channel (I'll TiVo those.) American Masters on PBS runs those, too. Very inspiring.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Anonymous said...

Alan - This is definitely an important topic for writers. Thanks for bringing it up. Hm......when my "warning light" is on, I usually do something either outside and physical (e.g. I love to take our dogs to our local off-leash dog park), or people-watch (not easy to do if you don't want to be thought of as a complete psycho ; ) ).
Reading other people's work helps me an awful lot, too, and inspires me, so I also sometimes hit the library.

Unknown said...

Aw shoot. That's my problem! I haven't been using the rechargeable kind. Been going through a fortune replacing dead batteries!

Craig Hart said...

I usually just eat a box of Carrot Cake Bingles, but if that doesn't work I will try other things. Watching a movie about a writer is a huge one for me. It always makes me want to put some words down. And reading a how-to writing book helps me, too.

My problem is that I have a tendency to putz around until I have no choice but to write, regardless. Not the best of options, believe me.

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Hmm. What IS recharging. You mean there is something I can do that breaks the death sprial of writing and revising? Like Homer Simpson, I'll skip anything that's difficult or taxing. Nap. How's that? I nap--looking an awful lot like GRANDPA Simpson...right down to the drool. HA!

Best Regards, Galen.

My spam word is cool again...Moute.

Alan Orloff said...

Elizabeth - I'm pretty sure my cable system has PBS, although I can't say it gets much use. Too highbrow for my family. Now, if they show author bios on ESPN...

Margot - People watching is awesome. Camp out at the mall during holiday season? Fuggedaboutit!

Crystal - Lol. I tried jamming my fingers into an electrical socket. Didn't inspire me, although I did make up a few new words :)

Jack - Congrats. You used the words "bingle" and "putz" in the same comment. (We putzers have to stick together!)

Galen - You should join Jack and me in the putzer crew. Naps are encouraged!

Patricia Stoltey said...

All your suggestions are good ones. I would add any movie (big screen in a theater) or any good fiction (preferably a thriller but any book works for me). The secret in my case is to get my mind completely off writing and relax.

Elspeth Futcher said...

I read a book that is NOT in the genre I write. I spend far too much time on Facebook. I do NOT exercise. I try desperately not to think about writing.

Un-nerving word verification: prizen.


Alan Orloff said...

Patricia - Movies are fun. But then I get the urge to try to write a screenplay. And I don't think that would be such a good idea. I like the relaxing part.

Elspeth - Your word verification is a good omen. It means zat you will be winning ze prizen soon. Maybe ze Pulitzer Prizen. (See, I need to recharge my batteries right about now.)

Belle said...

I like your list! I like to sleep and have a nice dream or two. Take a walk. Go to the library. Leaf through a magazine. Do a logic problem. I'd be tempted to pull out a jigsaw puzzle but if I do, I wouldn't get back to doing anything else for a long while!

Alan Orloff said...

Belle - Yes! Going to a library or bookstore definitely recharges my batteries (and adds to my already teetering TBR pile). So many books, so little time.