Friday, January 21, 2011


My new business cards arrived yesterday. (I know, the excitement around here never ceases.)

This is the third or fourth version I’ve ordered in the past few years. With prices from the online printers so reasonable, it’s very easy to “upgrade” whenever there’s a change in info (or whenever else, for that matter). I ordered these from I think I’ve ordered more versions of business cards than I’ve bought new shoes during that span.

My previous business cards were kind of busy. Stuff on the front, stuff on the back, stuff on the edges. I listed a variety of ways to contact me: email, website, Facebook, blogs (2), Twitter. I had book ordering information. I had cover art. It seemed the only thing I didn’t have was a map to my house.

This time, I wanted something a lot simpler.

I already have “fancy” bookmarks with cover art and blurbs and plot descriptions. I figure I can hand those out to interested readers to spark interest for my books. I’ll use the business cards more in their traditional sense, to give people contact info in a form that fits in their Rolodexes and card files.

This time, I also left the back blank, so people can jot down notes.

Boring? I prefer “simple.” (Yes, this is simple compared to my last version.)

And if I grow tired of them, I know where I can get more. Cheap.




Anonymous said...

Alan - I like those cards. I'm going to have to keep that website in mind, actually because I would like have some cards made, too. I've got cards for my "day job," but not for my writerly stuff. Good idea!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I've used PrintPlace before, and liked them. These are great cards! Simple, but they stand out.

Jan Morrison said...

I like these cards - I got a friend of mine who is a graphic artist to do some quick ones on the computer for me - for three different reasons. My writer one says Writer and looks like it is done on an index card. I like that. I am tired of paying a lot for cards and then have the info change so I'm doing just a few at a time!

Terry Odell said...

I've done a lot of my own - small batches, easily changed. I should probably commit to something with a longer shelf life. I've used a company called Printing For Less for my bookmarks, postcards, etc., and they've been very helpful. (And if anyone wants to try them, I can get you a code good for $50 off your first order--not to say Alan's company isn't just as good.)

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

Art Taylor said...

I think these look really nice!

Alan Orloff said...

Margot - Thanks. I really like Printplace. Inexpensive, yet good quality.

Elizabeth - Thanks. That's me: simple.

Jan - Thanks. The low prices for the incremental quantities always sucker me in. I end up using old cards for grocery lists.

Terry - Are you dissing my online printer? You got some nerve! :) (Actually, I think I'll take a look at Printing For Less. They've got a name that just speaks to me.)

Art - Thanks Like I said, simple.