Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring, If That’s You Knocking, Come On In!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a little scarce around the blog during the past couple weeks.

Been busy. Real busy. (Plus I lost an hour last weekend.)

Most of the events have been of the personal/family variety, and, without a single exception, they’ve all been good. (One highlight: My family got a private tour of the West Wing, courtesy of a good friend of mine.)

Writingwise, I’ve been busy, too, although I don’t have a lot of new “product” to show for my efforts. I have managed to get in a lot of daydreaming, which I tell my family is really a very important part of the writing process called plotting, and please don’t disturb me as I sit in the recliner with my eyes shut.

Promotionwise, this Saturday, I’ll be at the Virginia Festival of the Book. My panel, at 10:00 am, is called, “Death: Another Time, Another Place.” It will be moderated by Cliff Garstang, and the other panelists are John Connolly, Deanna Raybourn, and Paul Robertson.

KILLER ROUTINE’s official release date is April 8, but it’s being shipped early. Many people have already received their pre-orders, so RUN OUT AND CHECK YOUR MAILBOXES.

Next week, I’ll have an exciting announcement about the second book in the Last Laff series. Like maybe what the title will be (and it’s not SON OF KILLER ROUTINE).

Have a great weekend!


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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Is it "Killer Routine, Part Deux?" :) Congrats on the early release and have fun at the Festival of the Book!