Monday, July 18, 2011


Alex J. Cavanaugh left a question on the blog:

What other genres do you like besides mystery?

When I was a teenager, I read a ton. Oh, I’m not talking about all those stuffy “classics” we were supposed to read for English class (While I actually read a few of those, I have to thank Cliffs Notes for help with the rest). No, I read almost exclusively science fiction back in those days. Then I moved on to horror. I read every Stephen King and Dean Koontz book, including the books written under their pseudonyms (many of which required some serious research to determine).

When I was in my twenties, and working in Boston, I had a boss who liked to read. He recommended a series about a wise-cracking private eye, set right there in Boston. From that point on, I was a big fan of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series, as well as crime fiction in general.

In addition, I enjoy humorous, coming-of-age stories, such as those by John R. Powers, and more contemporary books by John McNally, John Green, and Brian Katcher.

While most of my current reading consists of mystery and suspense novels, I still enjoy science fiction (in fact, CassaStar is on my Kindle—and I’m looking forward to reading it!), horror, and YA.

Of course, I’ll read any book that falls in the “good book” genre.

As far as writing goes, my published books (so far) fall into the mystery/suspense genre. But I have some exciting news to pass along in the next month or so—about a novel in another genre that someone close to me (very close!) will be epublishing. Stay tuned!



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Ooh...a teaser! I'll look forward to hearing about the e-pubbing. :) I don't think I've read any humorous coming of age stories...I'll have to check out your recommendations. :)

Hart Johnson said...

I'm not as big a Sci-Fi fan (though I do like it if the character stuff is good and the 'tech' part is low, but I enjoy all the genres you do. I'd also add a good dystopian read and tragic family sagas... pretty much most of the dark or scary end of reading.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I like teasers, too, Alan. Did you write something different under a pseudonym?

As for what I read...almost anything. I read a lot of nonfiction on various topics, and most fiction genres from mystery/thriller to women's historical fiction to YA (but not vampires--I hate vampires).

Alan Orloff said...

Elizabeth - Try a John Green book first. You'll be amazed at what's in a YA book these days!

Hart - Now, who DOESN'T love a good dystopian read?

Pat - There will be no vampires in my, uh, friend's ebook.

Jan Morrison said...

I read a load of sci-fi when I was a young adult. I still like it. The only genre I'm not crazy about is romance. Oh and vampire stuff. And horror and thrillers and anything too scary. Ha!