Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, It Can Happen To You

I’ve seen all good people—writers, I’m talking about—create their wonderous stories with hopes of getting published. Writing is hard work, but you try to make it easy, and if you’re lucky, it can happen. You can get published. While you’re going for the one, don’t kill the whale. Instead, keep looking into the lens and roll with the changes. Then hold on to your dream, and don’t leave it. Success may not come soon, but you can succeed in a more roundabout fashion if you’re patient. For some writers, it’s all about survival, coming close to the edge, everydays. Don’t treat writing like some kind of long distance runaround. Awaken from your fog, clear days are ahead. Of course, the publishing industry, not for faint hearts, is in perpetual change, but when it comes to effort, yours is no disgrace. If you have the calling, eventually you’ll scale the walls. Remember, this is America; sweet dreams are yours for the taking. After all, sometimes it’s no more than time and a word. And the word you’re looking for, at least from a publisher, is YES.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I went to a concert on Wednesday night. Any guesses what group I saw? How many of that group’s song titles can you identify in today’s post?



Unknown said...

Um, did you see the band - Yes?

"Don’t kill the whale"
"Long Distance Runaround"
"perpetual change"

I see a lot more in there...
Great post.


Patricia Stoltey said...

Wait a minute. I thought you were going to see Frampton. Were they at the same concert?

Alan Orloff said...

Clarissa - YES, you are correct! And you got three out of...27.

Patricia - YES, it was a double-bill!