Monday, June 6, 2011

Free Books, On-Sale Books, and Raspberries

I was going to write today’s post about some free and on-sale e-books from a few Midnight Ink authors. But my writing pal Cricket McRae beat me to the punch on her Hearth Cricket blog, and she did a much better job than I would have done. So I’ll simply provide a link to her blog (along with my gratitude—Thanks, Cricket!).

And that gives me a few minutes to show off my insane wild raspberry patches.


This is the rear patch.



This is the front patch.



And this is a close-up.

Only about one month until pickin’ time!


1 comment:

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

How cool is that?! I'd love to have wild raspberries in my yard. All we seem to get is honeysuckle...