Sunday, January 8, 2012




I’m thrilled to announce that today is the official release day for DEADLY CAMPAIGN, the second book in the Last Laff Mystery series (after KILLER ROUTINE).


Just in time for the election year!



Here’s the cover copy:

Comedy club owner and occasional performer Channing Hayes thought the comedy biz was tough, but it’s a stroll in the park compared to politics. When he and his business partner Artie attend a congressional campaign event for their friend Thomas Lee’s nephew, masked thugs storm in and break up Lee’s restaurant with baseball bats. The candidate’s people insist that the police not be involved, so Lee asks Channing to investigate. As Channing searches for answers, he finds himself plunged into a corrupt world of payoffs, gangs, illicit affairs, blackmail—and murder.

And some praise:

"Professional comedian Channing Hayes goes amateur detective in his rousing encore performance...Orloff has put together another winning routine, and mystery buffs will enjoy the fresh venue of a comedy club, not to mention a soft-boiled amateur sleuth case."
-- Library Journal

"DEADLY CAMPAIGN has it all—political intrigue, family warfare and, best of all, a hero. If the line between comedy and tragedy is indeed thin, then Orloff is a master tightrope walker."
-- P.J. Parrish, New York Times bestselling author of THE KILLING SONG

Available wherever fine books are sold!



Stephen Parrish said...

Congratulations Alan!

Jan Morrison said...

May you sell a zillion! The review sounds wonderful - good for you!

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Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on the release. Great cover.

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Alan Orloff said...

Thanks, everyone!

John Hickman said...

Wow, congratulations! My first novel was just released in the last month and a half, so I share your excitement :) Good luck!

Alan Orloff said...

Thanks, John, and good luck with your book!