Saturday, April 11, 2009

Banging the Keys

According to the adage, if you give enough monkeys (say, a million) enough typewriters* (at least a million--monkeys are notoriously poor sharers. They also are notorious for flinging crap** around their cages, but that belongs to another adage), then in a million years, they will have re-created the entire works of William Shakespeare.

These days, with the number of bloggers at work, it may take only a decade (provided someone, somewhere, has a proclivity for "thees" and "thous").

Anyway, I thought I'd enter the fray and join the other million key bangers in the blogosphere.

Come back often. Leave comments and questions. Join the discussions. Post witty remarks and keen observations. Tell me what you had for dinner. Whatever.

I'm just one of a million monkeys banging the keys and flinging the crap.

*Typewriter--an ancient device for "writing" that predates computers; originially invented to prop up the Wite-Out industry.

**Crap, literally crap.

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