Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not Susan Boyle

Can you guess who the following person is?

She's the author of a successful mystery series.

She writes standalones, too.

She's a great friend to all mystery writers.

SusanBoyle She's not Susan Boyle.

She's won an Edgar.

She's won an Agatha.

She's won an Anthony, a Nero, a Gumshoe, a Quill, a Macavity, a Barry, and a Shamus.

She has a big--and crowded--mantle.

She "runs" The Memory Project.   

(Did I mention she's not Susan Boyle?) SusanBoyle2

She's married to a TV guy (an HBO TV guy). 

She's the Belle of Ballmer.

Her first and last initials are the same.

She's being interviewed on InkSpot (my group blog), today, tomorrow, and Friday. Stop by and see what she has to say to our G.M. Malliet!





Anonymous said...

Is it Laura Lippman ?

Anonymous said...

Is it Susan Boyle ?

Alan Orloff said...

No, I'm sorry, It's not Susan Boyle.

But good guess!