Monday, July 20, 2009

Loyal Friends

You can't be too rich, too thin, or have too many friends.

So where's the fastest, easiest place to pick up some new friends? facebookThat's right, Facebook. 

Every time I go on Facebook, I see the face of another "suggested" friend gazing at me from the top right hand corner of my home page. Will you be my friend? their expression seems to plead.

If I'm in the mood to make another friend, I'll click on the "Add a friend" link without pause. Sometimes, however, I'll consider the suggestion for a while. Do I really have time in my busy life for more friends right now? What if they call and need some advice? How will they handle rejection if I decline their invitation to catch a ball game? What if they need a little scratch to tide them over until payday? It's a choice fraught with responsibility.

[I've always been in awe of people who have a knack for "setting up" other people. That's why I'd love to meet the Matchmakers of Facebook. You know, those people responsible for selecting the suggested friends, for finding people specifically for me. I mean, the Matchmakers must really know me well. How else could they suggest people I might be compatible with?]

It's a bonus when I actually know something about the person suggested. Maybe it's an author I've read. That's worth a click. Maybe it's a guy I went to high school with. Sure, why not relive good times? Click.

Often, the suggested friend and I will have a lot of other "friends" in common. If we (cyber)run in the same circle, shouldn't we be friends with each other? Got to be polite. Click.

mosq The suggestions I like are the groups. How can you not be a fan of "I Hate Mosquitoes" or "Half Hour Vacation"? Click and click.

Sometimes, when I'm really feeling lonely, I'll hit the "see all" link. This takes me to 27 more suggested friends. Are all these people lonely, too, just waiting for me to become their friend? Can't disappoint. Click, click, click.

From day to day, I'll see most of the same names (and faces, it's FACEbook, after all!) in the line-up of suggested friends. But every so often, I'll see a few new candidates. Are these people Facebook newbies, or have they suddenly lost a few friends and are back on the scene, looking to pal around with some fresh blood? Whatever. I'm a sympathetic sort. Click, click, click, click, click.

Here's what I really want to know: Is my picture appearing on someone else's Facebook page--maybe even your Facebook page--as a "suggested friend?" If so, I hope you click on me.

I can always use another friend.



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Too funny! I still feel the whole thing is very junior high.

My mother recently got on Facebook (well, okay, I set her up on Facebook.) She is APPALLED when someone she doesn't know asks to be her friend. And she doesn't want to be friends with acquaintances from church, even. She very picky about her friends on Facebook (which is why I'm practically her only friend there.)

I guess 'friend' still has its original meaning to her. For me, it's completely different.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Unknown said...

For the longest time I thought FB was simply a way to reconnect with people you went to high school with, or former coworkers.

Then in the midst of trying to learn my way around this world of networking, I found so many Bloggers and MySpace people had FB pages.

I have to admit that, although some of the applications, like "farming" or "sending a friend a cold drink" don't really appeal to me, I do like the "Causes" and interaction between members, or "friends."

I still can't navigate around the site as well as I'd like, but - I'm learning...and meeting some really nice people while I'm at it!

Alan Orloff said...

Elizabeth - I guess there are "friends," and then there are "Facebook friends."

Crystal - If you figure out what all those applications are, and how to use them, please let me know--I'm clueless. And thanks for becoming my friend!