Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, Monday

Here are a few interesting blogs to read on this first Monday of February:

Nancy J. Cohen has some great tips for authors about printed promotional items. What do you really need?

Tess Gerritsen blogs with her views on e-book piracy at Murderati. Is it the end of the world as we know it?

And JD Rhoades has some views at Murderati, too, and he feels fine.

At Mystery Writing Is Murder, Elizabeth Spann Craig makes an intriguing comparison. Was J.D. Salinger the Anti-Patterson?



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Thanks for the plug. :) Funny...I plugged you today, too! We're simpatico.

I haven't read the other posts...thanks for the links.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Dorte H said...

I think Salinger was - and I know whose books I want to read.

Mason Canyon said...

Great links to check out. Thanks.

JournoMich said...

Great links--thanks for sending me further along the rabbit hole that is the Internet!


Alan Orloff said...

Elizabeth - Ditto!

Dorte - I'm ashamed to say I never read A Catcher in the Rye.

Mason - You are welcome.

Michele - Hey, if I'm getting dragged under by the Internet, I'm taking others with me!!

Dorte H said...

Neither have I - but I have read a few short stories.

Lorel Clayton said...

Thanks for the links!