Monday, February 15, 2010

Pants On Fire

Who wants to play, “Can you pick out the outrageous truths?”



This Creative Writing Blogging Award originated with Lesa Holstine, and found me by way of Sue Ann Jaffarian. Thanks ladies!



Which of the following nine statements are true? (Hint: at least two are.)

1) I recorded two holes-in-one during the same month (May 1986).

2) TV's Al Roker was one of my college roommates.

3) In 1993, I spent three weeks at McMurdo Station (Antarctica) researching environmental impacts for my newsletter company. It was very cold.

4) I qualified to swim in the Olympic trials as a teenager (backstroke), but couldn't compete because I broke my arm water skiing.

5) In grad school, I won the MIT intramural ping-pong championship.

6) On three separate flights, my plane had to make emergency landings, complete with fire engines and foam trucks racing alongside us on the runways.

7) When I was four years old, I whistled the Star Spangled Banner on a local TV morning show. I was very cute.

8) I once threw my back out playing Go Fish.

9) In the seventies, I was a vegetarian for about six weeks before succumbing to the calls of the Big Mac.


For more lying fun, check out the whoppers told by some of my Midnight Ink blogging buddies: In addition to Sue Ann Jaffarian, visit the blogs of Keith Raffel, Beth Groundwater, and Deb Sharp. (I’ve lost track who’s playing this game, so if I left you out, I’m sorry. Just leave your link in the comments and we’ll track you down.)



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I keep discovering that writers make very good liars!

I'm going to say that 3 and 6 and 8 are true. :) But I could be convinced that others were just as true...

Mystery Writing is Murder

JournoMich said...

Oh, fun! It's got to be either #2 or #7...Those have to do with speaking in public. It would be ironies of ironies if Al Roker was your college friend, and you whistling on TV would set off a fear of public speaking.

You reminded me I am due to post one of these!


Mason Canyon said...

Oh, you're good. It's hard to decide so I'll just check back to see.

Elspeth Futcher said...

Oh dear heaven, I don't know. I vote for #5 being true, simply because it's funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this game is so much fun! OK, Hmm.... I think that #6 and 7 are true. But as Elizabeth says, we mystery writers are good at stringing readers along...

Unknown said...

Apropos of that, you should read this,, which just happened to be in a tweet from Ron Charles, the WaPo book reviewer, right next to yours, Alan!

Keith Raffel said...

Al Roker went to SUNY Oswego. You are a Terp. Liar!

Can't see why you would have gone to Antartica to do research for Recycled Products Business Letter or Waste Reduction Tips. Liar!

I'll go with 7 and 9 as true then.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Congratulations on the award! So far my track record of correct guesses on other blogs is pathetic. I seem to be very gullible and they all sound like good possibilities, but I will go with 1, 4, 6 and 9. I couldn’t cut it down to only two!

Patricia Stoltey said...

I think they're all true.... :)

Lorel Clayton said...

Oh, you're good.
I'm going with #2 and #3 as true (I do know someone who spent a few weeks in Antartica--the cold and boredom are the first things they mentioned)

Alan Orloff said...

Great guesses, everyone. Check back tomorrow when I reveal the TRUTH!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

For truths, I'm going with 5 and 7 (if there's a 3rd, maybe 2).

If the whistling thing is true, you MUST perform for us at the next conference.