Friday, September 11, 2009


DIAMONDS from MI site

There are still seven months before the official release date for DIAMONDS FOR THE DEAD, but I'm beginning to see signs that my book will become a real, honest-to-goodness physical entity (instead of existing in some feverish, tantalizing dream).

This week, my cover art became "official."

As you probably know (or can quickly surmise by glancing to the right and checking out the covers of my fellow MIers), Midnight Ink has a tradition of producing tremendous covers. And, in my completely unbiased and purely objective opinion, this cover is no exception (giant kudos to cover designer Ellen Dahl. Thanks, Ellen!).

The overall image is (pick one or more adjectives): intriguing, mysterious, ominous, compelling. The slanted lettering juxtaposed against the slanted rectangle reflects the off-kilter feelings of the protagonist. And, amazingly, the cover manages to evoke scenes from both the beginning AND ending of the book. Very, very cool.

Also this week, a "pre-order" listing went up on the Midnight Ink website (it’s on Amazon, too!). Here’s the description:

Talk to anyone in Reston, Virginia, and they'll say Josh Handleman's dad "Honest Abe" was a real mensch. But when Josh returns home to bury his estranged father, he gets the shock of his life: his thrifty dad was filthy rich. Oy!

Who was this man who donated millions to charity, invested in the dreams of Josh's friends, and shared his home with a strange vodka-swilling Russian? Apparently, Abe collected diamonds too. But when Josh can't find the gems, he begins to wonder if his dad's death was truly an accident.

Hounded by grief and remorse, Josh resolves to find his dad's diamond stash—which could be his inheritance and proof of his father's love. What he doesn't realize is that this emotionally charged treasure hunt is taking him closer to his dad's killer.

Of course, with a great cover and a great title (kudos to the whole Midnight Ink team!), I really feel the pressure. Will my words between the covers live up to these lofty expectations?

I hope so.


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Galen Kindley--Author said...

Where are the gnomes?

Elspeth Futcher said...

Fantastic art work! I'm very pleased for you. May this cover cause people to pick up the book, read the inside cover and immediately think "This I gotta read!"

Then again, if a picture is worth a thousand words does this mean your word count just increased?


Julee said...

Looks fabulous! Congrats! Can't wait to purchase and read it!

Unknown said...

VERY impressive cover, Alan! How exciting for you!

When you have a minute, stop by my blog - I've given you an award!

Alan Orloff said...

Galen - The gnomes must be on the back cover.

Elspeth - From your lips to every reader's ears! Thanks!

Julee - Thanks so much!

Crystal - Thanks! And thanks for the award. I love awards!

Craig Hart said...

I hope the gnomes are the ultimate culprits in the book. They probably stole the diamonds, killed the father, and escaped the long, itchy arm of the law by running away to the mountains to trap wolverines. If this is not so, I shall be sorely disappointed.

In any case, great cover! I'm looking forward to the actual book.

Alan Orloff said...

Jack, I can neither confirm nor deny your assumption that gnomes and/or wolverines are involved. I can say, however, that no wolverines were harmed during the writing of my novel.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Great cover! Despite the shocking lack of gnomes.

I was really impressed that the art department had READ my book...and they clearly read yours from start to finish to incorporate the elements they did. Where do they find the time?

Your back cover copy sounds great, too. Looking forward to reading it.


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